Cookies Policy

When using our website you are likely to come across cookies.

What is a cookie?

It’s a small text file that is placed on your computer to improve your experience on a website (eg. to prevent repeated information when you have visited a website before).

Where do they come from?

Directly from a website and also from some Third Parties, such as plug-ins which enhance a website’s functions.

What cookies do you use?

We do a regular (usually quarterly) review of the cookies using our website to keep track, reduce or remove them as appropriate. You are welcome to ask us for a list of current cookies.

How can I manage cookies?

You can control cookies in a number of ways. Information on how to do this is available at:

If I have a question about cookies from your website…?

You are welcome to contact us:
Tel: 0203 637 9648

We will do our best to answer your question within 10 working days.
You will also find useful information about cookies at:

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