The benefits of mediation

Following the lead of countries like Australia and the US where mediation is well established, the use of mediation is increasing in the UK as a means of resolving conflict in all kinds of setting, simply because:

  • It works – 85% of mediations end in agreement;
  • It’s quick – mediations can be arranged swiftly and many issues can be sorted out in a few hours;
  • It’s inexpensive, particularly when compared to legal costs;
  • It’s informal and therefore less stressful and off-putting than court, tribunal or other formal procedings;
  • It’s constructive, helping participants to focus on what they need and to work out a mutually acceptable way forward;
  • It’s lasting –the participants are committed to the agreement that they have made together;
  • It can repair relationships;
  • Those who participate in mediation can learn from the process and apply it in future conflict situations.