Conflict Workshops

Aiming to reduce the stress of conflict in everyday relationships, our interactive workshops share some of the ideas and techniques used in mediation.

Suitable for workplaces and secondary school students, they are short, engaging and highly applicable. They can be used to support organisations’ wellbeing and positive mental health policies.

Our workshops give participants the skills to refocus from the traditional ‘I’m right /you’re wrong’ conflict mindset and the associated ‘win/lose’ approach to resolution. They show that with the right skills, ‘win/win’ outcomes are possible for  virtually any level of conflict. The new approach gives people the confidence to communicate their own needs and to consider others, enabling a more respectful, peaceful and efficient environment for those working side by side, day to day.



  • To improve interpersonal communication
  • To enable confidence for difficult conversations

Learning objectives

  • Recognising and understanding conflict
  • Appreciating different approaches to resolving conflict
  • Reacting constructively to conflict
  • Identifying and expressing needs
  • Agreeing what to do: finding mutually acceptable solutions that stick

Expected outcomes

  • Reduction in time and stress when dealing with disputes
  • Participants better able to understand and express their views and goals
  • Improved listening and awareness
  • Improved co-operation and problem solving
  • Stronger community and team confidence

Tailoring to your needs

Workshops can be tailored to your organisation/learner needs. We will call or meet with your organiser for a prior introductory meeting of 30 minutes to agree the aims and content best suited to your requirements.

The workshop will usually run for 60- 90 minutes at your premises or at a local venue. They include:

  • Active participation
  • Takeaway tip sheets, where applicable
  • Printouts supporting spoken content.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.