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Workplace mediation: online but not remote

Whilst many people’s working lives have been turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic, the benefits of mediation remain there for the taking. We have been providing effective workplace mediation online or, where the rules have allowed, using a mix of in-person and online mediation, for months. In our book, it is certainly preferable for […]


Meet the Concord Conflict Solutions team

Concord Conflict Solutions is made up of a team of two highly professional and experienced mediators. Freddie De Luca and Tracey Adamson unite to provide mediation in a range of circumstances. These include workplace mediation, mediation for families and mediation in the community. At Concord Conflict Solutions, we support people to find a fast, affordable […]


Mediation in the workplace – how we can help

Mediation in the workplace is an effective way of resolving conflict. There are benefits for both staff and businesses so its use has increased in recent years. Concord Conflict Solutions provides impartial mediation in the workplace. This neutral approach encourages people in conflict to come up with solutions that make sense for them. People can […]


Conflict workshops

Concord Conflict Solutions aims to reduce the stress of conflict in everyday relationships via our interactive conflict workshops.  During the process, we share some of the ideas and techniques used in mediation therefore supporting you in preventing and resolving conflict in the workplace. Suitable for workplaces and secondary school students, the workshops are short, engaging […]


Mediation in business – how to get help

Conflict can happen in any workplace so accessing the right mediation in business is the best way to achieve a positive outcome for all involved. At Concord Conflict Solutions, we provide expert workplace mediation online or in person.  The service is fast, affordable and provides a lasting solution to the conflict. Our services are particularly […]


Workplace mediation in London

Workplace mediation is here for businesses in London. Mediation is used by all kinds of employers to resolve conflict in the workplace, something which has been increasing in recent years. Undertaking workplace mediation benefits your staff and your business. People caught up in conflict are sometimes reluctant to try mediation.  This could be because they […]

Workplace conflict in lockdown

It’s little wonder that conflict mediation services are reporting an uptick in demand for their services currently. The cocktail of effects on the brain of social isolation (impaired decision making, social skills, mood control and ability to deal with stress) is not exactly helpful to people coping with the additional challenges of life and work […]

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