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#Class of 2020: the good, the bad and the….possibilities.

2020 provides an exceptional opportunity for this year’s graduates and school leavers to change the nature of the workplace. There’s a lot of concern about the difficulties they will face securing jobs post-pandemic. In an economic dip it’s going to be tough but consider the other angles.  The covid impact has enabled working from home […]

Other people’s behaviours: what’s stopping you?

For a recent article “Lockdown: Noisy neighbours are ruining my life” the BBC contacted 103 local councils, many of which reported an increase in noise complaints since lockdown.  Feeling trapped with the actions of neighbours/family/work colleagues can be very stressful, often making you feel generally agitated and therefore short-tempered with all those around you. There […]

Seeing mediation afresh

It’s been my pleasure during the last few weeks to have been co-delivering a mediation training course to a lovely bunch of people who will soon be contributing their new skills for the benefit of the community.  As well as being a great way to keep my own practice sharp, a big part of my […]