Our Ethos

We are passionate about the power of mediation to help people sort out their differences. We see it working for all kinds of people in all kinds of settings. Sometimes, even we are amazed at how it enables them to put the past behind them and move forward!

We set up Concord simply because we wanted more people to be able to benefit from high quality mediation. For us, ‘high quality’ means expert co-mediation – two mediators working effectively together.

This provides clients with strong support in what can be a challenging process. They benefit from two pairs of ears and eyes, plus our complementary skills, strengths and experience. We believe this gives clients the best chance of a positive outcome, and referrers excellent value for money.

Clients and referrers also benefit from our ability to take full advantage of the flexibility of the mediation process to meet their needs, whatever the situation.

Our warm, empathetic approach is the same whether we are supporting clients in a workplace, at home or in the community.


We believe strongly in the ethos which sets facilitative mediation apart from other forms of conflict resolution.  It enables people to resolve their own conflicts by addressing their needs – emotional, moral, practical – and creating a way forward that is mutually acceptable.

Whilst we are enthusiastic advocates for mediation we will be honest where we think it is not appropriate. We will only mediate where we are satisfied that we can uphold the principles of mediation: voluntary, confidential, impartial, neutral.


We are members of professional associations and abide by the European Code of Conduct for Mediators and the College of Mediators’ Code of Practice.  This includes the requirement to hold professional indemnity insurance.

We are committed to reflective practice. We frequently attend CPD sessions and have regular supervision with a senior mediator. The feedback we provide to each other as a matter of routine is also an invaluable source for our ongoing development.


  • Freddie De Luca
    Freddie De Luca

    Freddie developed her expertise in mediation and conflict management after decades as a lawyer.

    She saw the broad range of positive outcomes achieved by mediation during her years in Australia where it is used much more widely. She trained with the Department of Justice there in 2008 and after returning to the UK qualified as a civil mediator in 2014.

    She is a CMC registered mediator with further specialist qualifications for her practice in workplace mediation and in youth mediation. She is also an experienced community mediator. She has mediated scores of cases across those fields and is currently working towards EMIN accreditation to support her practice as an Elder mediator.

    As a lawyer, Freddie worked in litigation including clinical negligence, consumer, and workplace claims, and headed-up the legal services department of a multinational company. More recently she has worked in the charity sector using her broad abilities to help organisations achieve change and growth.

    Freddie has three adult children, enjoys volunteering with Calm Mediation and developing her wider skill-set. She is currently studying for Certification as an NLP practitioner. 

    Tracey says: “I value Freddie’s clear-headedness, her insight and her practicality enormously, both in the mediation room and when developing our business. She’s also incredibly kind which, in my book, is a great starting point as a mediator and colleague.”

  • Tracey Adamson
    Tracey Adamson

    Tracey is an OCN-accredited workplace and community mediator who has mediated well over 100 disputes. As well as workplace and neighbour conflicts, she has mediated family (inter-generational), team and multi-party cases. She is currently working towards EMIN accreditation to support her practice in elder mediation.

    Tracey co-delivers OCN-accredited training in community mediation with Calm Mediation and is also an assessor of workplace mediators in training. As a member of the College of Mediators she is committed to her ongoing development and has regular professional supervision. She is a Trustee and active volunteer mediator with Calm Mediation.

    In her previous 20-year career as a communications professional, including 10 years as a self-employed consultant, Tracey gained experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors. She worked in and with NHS and health organisations in London for many years at local, regional and national level. She enjoyed advising to Board level and collaborating with senior health professionals.

    Tracey has two adult children, enjoys the arts, travel and photography.

    Freddie says: “What I particularly appreciate about Tracey is her ability to unearth underlying concerns for clients which can then be addressed, as well as her thoughtfulness in planning mediations. She also has a way of knowing the right moment to lift the mood or bring a smile in situations which are often quite intense.”

We are also able to call on other qualified and experienced mediators to meet the requirements of clients as necessary.