Mediation for Families

Conflict is an entirely natural part of family life. Mostly, families sort things out and move on. But that’s not always possible and, if conflict is unresolved, home can become a stressful battleground.

Just as we call on experts to help with many of life’s other problems – from home maintenance to health – mediators offer a set of skills which support people to resolve conflicts or disagreements when they have been unable to do so on their own. The use of mediation is on the rise in the UK, in all kinds of settings, as people have come to recognise its power and benefits.

As experienced interpersonal mediators, we bring adaptability, resilience and insight to our work. Our professional but warm approach helps to ensure that our mediation meetings are focussed and supportive, giving you the best chance of a positive, lasting outcome – and therefore value for your money.

A brief guide to mediation