Workplace Mediation in London

Mediation is an effective tool for addressing all kinds of conflict in the workplace. It is not uncommon for organisations to face disagreements between two colleagues or entire teams.

These kinds of conflicts can be damaging to a business and to employee wellbeing, and so taking appropriate steps to resolve them quickly can be very beneficial. Workplace mediation in London is an effective way for people to find mutually agreeable solutions.

What can workplace mediation in London help with?

Workplace conflicts can come in all shapes and sizes and so handling them appropriately is vital. Disagreements often involve sensitive issues which people find it hard to talk about. This is where independent expert mediators like Concord Conflict Solutions can help, providing participants with confidentiality and impartial support.

Our workplace mediation in London services can help with;

  • Personality clashes in the workplace.
  • Different styles of working.
  • Problematic behaviour.
  • Communication breakdowns.
  • Allegations of discrimination, harassment, or bullying.
  • Disagreements on business direction, priorities, or targets.
  • Poor collaboration among teams.

Some conflicts may not be suitable for mediation. This is usually because of a personal safety issue or large power imbalance. If you are not sure if workplace mediation in London is appropriate for you, you are welcome to discuss your situation with us.

Why choose Concord Conflict Solutions for workplace mediation In London?

We are accredited mediators with a wealth of experience. We use our empathy, resilience and adaptability in order to support clients to find an effective solution.

Unlike many other workplace mediators, we always co-mediate our cases. We work effectively as a pair, combining our strengths and skills to provide stronger, more responsive support for all participants. This gives the best chance of a solution that will be positive and long-lasting.

Our years of experience tell us that no two mediations are the same. Every situation is unique and needs to be addressed appropriately. We take a pragmatic approach to help achieve improvement while always upholding the core principles of mediation.

People in conflict may be unsure or resistant to the idea of mediation at first. We are experienced in encouraging participants to consider what mediation offers and what other options are available to them. In some situations, they are not willing to undergo mediation, or it isn’t possible for another reason. When this happens, we can help with one to one sessions which support clients to create their own solo strategies for conflict resolution.

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