Workplace mediation in Richmond, SW London

Conflict is an inevitable feature of workplaces. With different people spending a lot of time together, often under pressure, it is only natural that disagreements arise. Left to fester, these conflicts can cause disruption to your business, and thus need resolving in an effective and lasting manner.

Whatever your sector, team size or business, we are here to help with workplace mediation in Richmond, SW London.

Why choose workplace mediation?

If your organisation is experiencing conflicts between employees, the whole team can be impacted. Mediation has been used time and time again to resolve workplace conflicts quickly, benefiting those both directly and indirectly involved. We support people to find an acceptable resolution, helping your team to return their focus to their roles. Our mediation process also highlights how empathic approaches to problems can result in valuable business outcomes.

How does workplace mediation work?

If you are new to the idea of mediation, then you might be unsure of how the process works. Mediation is an informal process which helps those in conflict to find a way to move forward they can live with. As neutral third parties, mediators keep things confidential and unbiased.

As mediators, we listen carefully, reflect, challenge, and balance each party’s contributions. We will never force participation, make judgements or impose solutions during the mediation process.

Because we know that every workplace and every conflict situation is unique, our mediation process is flexible, but typically the following will happen:

  • Initial referral

We find out the background of the conflict in question and determine if mediation is suitable.

  • Contact

We will get in touch with each of the participants in an initial call. We explain what mediation involves and make sure that they are committed to finding a constructive outcome.

  • Mediation day

Arrangements will be made to set a date and time that works for everyone. The mediation takes place at a neutral venue (or online) so everyone is comfortable. The day will start with participants meeting privately with the mediators and preparing to meet the others. Later, there will be a two-part meeting to discuss concerns and explore solutions.

  • Post-mediation

After an agreement has been made, the mediators will follow up with all participants at agreed intervals to check progress; usually one and three months later.

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