Help with conflict at work in London

If you experience conflict with your work colleagues, it can make it hard to get things done. It’s also demoralising and draining. It can also be costly for your company, causing distraction, absenteeism and even resignations. Fortunately, you don’t have to keep on suffering. You can get help with conflict at work in London. Mediation is an effective tool for dealing with issues and creating better work relationships.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a neutral mediator supports participants to address the problems and find solutions. The mediator is not there to apportion blame or take sides. They are there to guide the process, keeping things constructive and balanced.

How it works

For mediation to work, there are a few requirements. First of all, everyone needs to be willing to try mediation, and to agree that it will be kept confidential. With this and impartial support, progress is possible.

Once the mediator receives the referral, they will contact each party to check that mediation is appropriate and introduce the process.

On the day of the mediation, the mediators will first meet privately with each of the participants. They will explore their side of the story, their needs and goals and then prepare them to meet. Everyone then comes together to reach a good understanding of the problems, look at solutions and agree on future steps.  The end result is usually a written agreement which captures the agreed actions and enables people to move forward.

The mediators will follow up at intervals to see how things are working out.

Get help with conflict at work in London today

If you need help with conflict at work in London, contact us at Concord Conflict Solutions. As experienced, independent mediators we can help you to resolve the problem quickly and constructively. Most clients tell us they are pleased they gave mediation a chance and find they learn some useful approaches to prevent conflict in future.


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