Help with Conflict at Work

Many different issues can arise in the workplace. Sometimes getting independent, confidential help with conflict at work is the best route to resolve these problems.  Mediation is an effective way of resolving conflict at work. Its use by all kinds of employers has been increasing in recent years as they have seen the benefits for their staff and business.

Conflict comes in many forms in the workplace. It can happen between two or more colleagues or even whole teams. Nobody enjoys working in this environment but if everyone is willing to give mediation a try, the problems can be overcome.

Examples of situations where you may need help with conflict at work include:

‘Personality clashes’
Team dysfunction
Problem behaviour
Poor collaboration
Break-down in communication
Disagreement on direction, priorities or methods
Turf wars
Allegations of discrimination
Bullying and harassment, in some circumstances.

How Concord can help with conflict at work

Every conflict situation is different. We are happy to discuss your particular situation and advise whether mediation is appropriate and if so how best to handle things. Our experience means we are able to make the most of the flexibility of mediation to give it the best chance of success for our clients. We are skilled at working online as well as in-person.

Unlike many other practices, we always co-mediate our cases. Working effectively as a pair we combine our skills and attention to give stronger, more responsive support to participants than lone mediators, improving the likelihood of a positive, lasting outcome.

In some scenarios, mediation is declined by one or both parties but there is a will to resolve matters. We offer a 1:1 session to help these clients identify solo strategies for improving the situation. We adhere to the principles of mediation in these meetings which enable participants to reflect, consider avenues for improvement and action-plan.

Contact us

Let us provide a neutral mediation process to resolve conflict in your workplace. You are welcome to call us without obligation to discuss any aspect. We are enthusiastic advocates of mediation but we won’t mediate if we feel it is not suitable for the circumstances. In addition, We are members of the College of Mediators and the CMC .

Based in the borough of Richmond, we work across London and into Surrey and the M3 corridor. Feel free to contact us to see whether mediation and conflict workshops could work for your business.

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