Meet the Concord Conflict Solutions team

Concord Conflict Solutions is made up of a team of two highly professional and experienced mediators. Freddie De Luca and Tracey Adamson unite to provide mediation in a range of circumstances. These include workplace mediation, mediation for families and mediation in the community.

At Concord Conflict Solutions, we support people to find a fast, affordable and lasting solution to the conflict.  Our use of high-quality co-mediation – two mediators working together – ensures we stand out from many other providers.

Based in the borough of Richmond, we work across London and into Surrey and the M3 corridor.

Meet Concord Conflict Solutions

Freddie De Luca

Freddie developed her expertise in mediation and conflict solutions following decades as a solicitor.  As a lawyer, Freddie worked in litigation.  Whilst in charge of the Legal Services Department for a multinational corporation, she focused on early intervention.  This enabled settlements without resorting to litigation where possible.

After seeing the broad range of positive outcomes offered by mediation, she trained with the Department of Justice in Melbourne, Australia in 2008.  She then returned to the UK to qualify in London in 2014.

Freddie works in civil mediation including client/professional disputes, multi-party and community. She has further specialist qualifications for her practice in Workplace and Youth mediation. She is a CMC Registered Mediator.

Freddie has developed and delivered content for children’s groups in the UK and Australia. She enjoys voluntary work with Calm Mediation as well as the continued development of professional skills.

Tracey Adamson

Tracey is an OCN-accredited workplace and community mediator. She has mediated more than 100 disputes including workplace, family and multi-party cases. She co-delivers OCN accredited training in community mediation for Calm Mediation. Tracey is also an assessor of workplace mediators in training.  She is a member of the College of Mediators and a Trustee and active volunteer mediator with Calm Mediation.

Tracey previously had a 20-year career as a communications professional. This included 10 years as a self-employed consultant. Her experience spans the public, private and voluntary sectors. She worked in within NHS and health organisations for many years. During this time she worked alongside senior health professionals and advising to Board level.

Tracey has two adult children and enjoys the arts, travel and photography.

Contact us regarding workplace mediation

Concord Conflict Solutions are enthusiastic advocates of mediation. However, we won’t mediate if we feel it is not suitable for the circumstances. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your mediation needs.


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