Mediation in the workplace – how we can help

Mediation in the workplace is an effective way of resolving conflict. There are benefits for both staff and businesses so its use has increased in recent years.

Concord Conflict Solutions provides impartial mediation in the workplace. This neutral approach encourages people in conflict to come up with solutions that make sense for them.

People can be reluctant to try mediation. This may be because they feel things have gone too far. Perhaps because they assume the other person won’t participate. We explain the process and the benefits in an unbiased way and help them consider their options.

How we can help with mediation in the workplace

Unlike many other practices, we always co-mediate our cases.  We combine the expertise and attention of two qualified, experienced practitioners to give stronger, more responsive support to participants. The result is an improved likelihood of a positive, lasting outcome.

Mediation is not always possible because, on occasion, the offer is declined. In these situations, we offer a 1:1 session to help clients identify solos strategies for improving the situation.

Why Concord Conflict Solutions?

We recognise that workplace mediation doesn’t happen in a vacuum and we aim to ensure that it always makes a positive contribution to the overall handling of an issue.

Our ethos is to deliver professional and practical workplace mediation in London. We abide by the European Code of Conduct for Mediators and the College of Mediators’ Code of Practice.

We are enthusiastic advocates of mediation but we won’t mediate if we feel it is not suitable for the circumstances. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your mediation needs without obligation.

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