How Mediation Can Help at Work

Mediation can help at work as it is an effective way of resolving conflict. Its use by all kinds of employers has been increasing in recent years as they have seen the benefits for their staff and business.

Concord Conflict Solutions have a wealth of experience as mediators and in our previous careers across the sectors. As a result, we bring insight, resilience and adaptability to our work. We offer referrers confidence that their staff are in capable hands and that mediation can help at work.

Unlike many other practices, we always co-mediate our cases. Working effectively as a pair we combine our skills and attention to give stronger, more responsive support to participants than lone mediators. The result is an improved likelihood of a positive, lasting outcome.

In situations where mediation is not possible, for example where the offer of mediation is declined, we offer a 1:1 session to help clients identify solos strategies for improving the situation.

Concord upholds the principles of mediation which are being confidential, encouraging voluntary participation and operating in an independent manner. This means we take a pragmatic approach and show that mediation can help in work. We recognise that mediation doesn’t happen in a vacuum and aim to ensure that it always makes a positive contribution to the overall handling of an issue.

A testament that mediation can help at work

We work with clients from various sectors and from businesses of all sizes. We worked closely with the CEO of a Prison Charity in London and provided team mediation. The feedback was incredibly positive.

Really helpful process. The mediators were calm, considerate and reflective. They enabled us to have the conversation we needed in order to progress. The action points were generated by the team and the entire HQ signed up to them.

Taking the first step

Those caught up in conflict are sometimes reluctant to try mediation, perhaps because they feel things have gone too far or the other person won’t participate. Why not let us help with that? When people hear from someone neutral what mediation has to offer, they are often willing to give it a try. Feel free to contact us to see whether mediation can help at work for you.


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