Mediation in business – how to get help

Conflict can happen in any workplace so accessing the right mediation in business is the best way to achieve a positive outcome for all involved.

At Concord Conflict Solutions, we provide expert workplace mediation online or in person.  The service is fast, affordable and provides a lasting solution to the conflict. Our services are particularly suited to situations where the impact of unmanaged conflict may be significant but resources are limited. Our use of high-quality co-mediation marks us out from many other providers.

How can mediation in business help?

Mediation is an effective way of resolving conflict at work. Employer use of mediation services has increased in recent years because they have seen the benefits for their staff and business.  We bring insight, resilience and adaptability to our work.  This is achieved thanks to our wealth of experience as mediators and our previous careers. In addition, we offer confidence that participants are in capable hands as well as excellent value for money.

We also provide 1:1 support because this can help people identify solo strategies for addressing conflict.  You may also find our conflict workshops useful because they teach skills to prevent and manage conflict.

How to get help?

Based in the borough of Richmond, Concord Conflict Solutions work across London and into Surrey and the M3 corridor.

Our ethos is to deliver professional and practical workplace mediation in London. We abide by the European Code of Conduct for Mediators and the College of Mediators’ Code of Practice.

Contacting Concord Conflict Solutions to discuss mediation in business for your workplace is simple. You are welcome to email, call 020 3637 9648, or use our contact us page.  We aim to respond within one business day and offer a no-obligation chat. We look forward to supporting your business.

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